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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is this right for me?

    • We are purely long-term focused. If you are looking to 10X your money in six months, then this is not for you.

  2. Major portion of your portfolio is in BTC and ETH? I might as well then do it myself.

    • In Bear markets, it’s advisable to invest in large-cap assets. We rebalance every month and the portfolio will continuously change as the market landscape changes.

  3. Can I withdraw anytime?

    • Yes, Anytime. Instantly.

  4. How are you ensuring safety of my money?

    • Your money will be kept in the custody of providers who are holding billions of dollars of some of the biggest banks.

  5. Tell me more about how you pick coins to invest in?

    • We identify fundamentally strong cryptoassets poised for growth in the next 3-5+ years. No memecoins or newly launched coins.

  6. How do you decide the weightings?

    • We determine the appropriate weightings into each cryptoasset, based on our conviction and existing market conditions.  

  7. What about Tax compliance?

    • We will provide the necessary PnL document, required for tax filing in your country.

  8. Will you be accepting Fiat.

    • Yes, you can invest using Fiat currency.

  9. What about NFTs?

    • Right now, we do not hold any NFTs in our portfolio. However, but we do invest in NFT infrastructure assets.

  10. What about GameFi and other emerging sectors?

    • We are tracking a few tokens in GameFi and are constantly on the lookout for the next emerging trend and take early position in them.

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