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About Us

Two of the biggest problems in crypto are too many coins and price volatility. It's tough for investors to pick the right crypto, how much to invest and when?

Ankit (IIT Delhi CS'11) and Samder (Stanford MBA'16) were equally frustrated with this problem. With their experience in investing, machine learning, and building tech companies, they decided to solve this problem for themselves and every crypto investor. That's how the idea of Growspace Crypto was born.

Growspace is one of India's first actively managed crypto fund. Users no longer need to worry about which coins to invest, optimize portfolio or when to invest. Growspace is building its algorithm to overcome those challenges. Why are the best financial resources limited to the ultra wealthy? Growspace is democratizing investing knowledge.

Our parent company is Bhim Digital, Inc., a Delware C corp. We have raised a little more than half a million in angel investment from some leading Silicon Valley entrepreneurs and VCs.

We are excited about what we are doing, are you?

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